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Our Year 9 Sports’ Leaders have started their series of training sessions with students from Bhasvic College.  After the success of last year’s sessions, we were determined to continue with this setup.

The format for these sessions consists of the Bhasvic students delivering some drills and activities that our students participate in.  These are then deconstructed and broken down into stages so that our students are able to deliver similar sessions to our younger students, whether it be during a playtime, as part of a PE lesson, running an Enrichment group or leading one of the activities at Primary Sports’ Day.

Our students were put into two groups and completed two different warm up games; an old favourite ‘stuck in the Mud’ and the agility activity of Cups vs Mountains.  Our students did amazingly well, putting in great effort throughout that ensured they remained fully warm despite the cold weather!

Once warmed up, our students spent twenty minutes on two different activities, and then swapped.  One activity focussed on developing a range of football skills but namely control, culminating in a small match at the end.

The second activity concentrated on speed and coordination as students completed some simple obstacle courses.

So far, the sessions have been thoroughly successful with students (and staff!) thoroughly enjoying the activities.  The Sports’ Leaders from Bhasvic are fantastic; they have already established a great rapport with our students, who are really enjoying this part of the week! 

A special mention to The Friends of Woodlands Meed, who were pivotal is securing our Sports’ Leaders with their very own hoodies…They look amazing and our students really are wearing them with pride! 

Another important thank you to BH Academy for loaning us their 3G surface for these sessions!