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Woodlands Meed Hosts Marathon Match In Aid Of Soccer Aid!

On Friday the 14th June, students and staff got kitted out and teamed together for this year’s Soccer Aid!  Students were encouraged to wear sporty attire with many choosing to wear the shirts of their footballing heroes, whilst raising important funds for this fantastic cause.

Classes were then invited to participate in the longest football match in the history of Woodlands Meed.  Despite it being Secondary’ Activity week, almost all classes accepted the invitation to play a part in this one off match which lasted a staggering 4 1/2 hours! 

It was a thoroughly inclusive event where the ball may have been changed on occasions to include wheelchair football and also our youngest students, but the level of enthusiasm and enjoyment remained the same!  Many goals were scored, plenty of saves were made, and it was all very entertaining for both those playing, and also those observing! 

The marathon match was structured whereby each class was given a time slot.  When the next group arrived, the match did not stop; instead ‘rolling subs’ were used whereby students were removed and introduced to the match at such a speed that it did not hinder the pace or flow of the game!

It was a fantastically entertaining match with plenty of skill and determination to admire by all who competed.

Amazing passes, finesse shots, tough tackles, superb saves, glorious goals, team spirit, sportsmanship, endless fun...this match had everything!

...and the match could not have been any closer with the final score being Oranges 51:50 Blues.  Let’s hope the match on Sunday produces half as much excitement as our students did today!