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Secondary Sports day

On the 21st June, we held our annual Sports’ Day for students in Key Stage 3.  After weeks of wet weather, we were blessed with sunshine as our students jumped further, ran faster, tried harder and laughed louder as we all enjoyed a fantastic morning of sporting entertainment!

Students (and staff!) competed in ten events including tag, long jump, sprint, target throw, high jump, archery, sack race, egg and spoon, and our all-time favourite...the dressing up race!

It was a fantastic morning in front of a record crowd!

A MASSIVE thank you to The Sports’ Leaders from BH Academy for all their help—you were AMAZING!

The attitude, effort and sportsmanship was truly amazing and we really are proud of every student who took part.  There were however, individual medals which were awarded to each group for:

-The person with the most points

- The individual who truly represented the core qualities of what sports’ day is all about.

Well done to everyone involved!