Superb Sports’ Leaders Success!

Our year 9 sports’ leaders have made a fantastic start to their sports’ leaders training.  They have just completed five weeks of coaching with students from Bhasvic College whereby they participated in a number of warm up games and activities, before exploring whole team sports such as Kwik Cricket. 

For the first couple of weeks, the BHASVIC students led these sessions so that our students had the opportunity to learn how to successfully lead a session, and give them ideas regarding the types of activities they may like to lead themselves. It also gave our students the opportunity to build relationships with the Bhasvic Students and gain in confidence… and didn’t they just!!!

As the roles were reversed, our students put into practice what they had learnt from their initial sessions; planning and leading warm up games, activities and matches with an ever growing confidence in the remaining sessions.  Our students worked together as they explained and demonstrated the different skills required, and also offered encouragement to the Bhasvic students.  It is a pleasure to see that, even over a short period of time, our year 9s have grown enormously, and have made a great start in developing the key skills required to be a great sports’ leader.  Well done guys, we are so proud of you!