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National Fitness Day

Woodlands Meed were extremely lucky to be offered the chance of some Personal Training with four coaches from Rapid Results, during National Fitness Day on the 26th September.

The first activity of the day was in the pool for our regular aquaerobic students. Our students were put through their paces by the trainers; exercising their whole body through replicating a series of actions and games as demonstrated by The Rapid Results’ trainers.  The session was great fun and the students thoroughly enjoyed it!

Back on dry land the PT instructors visited classes in both Primary and Secondary; as they set the students (and staff!) the squat challenge!

Every class was given the opportunity to do 10 minutes exercise with the trainers to see if they could complete the challenge. Each student picked a card at random from a playing deck and then in turn, the whole class performed that number of squats (unlucky for those classes with more students!). 

The effort put in by staff and students alike was absolutely fantastic!

There were plenty of laughs, and a few aches too!

Squats achieved by WM today:

Waterfall: 690

Desert: 1162

River: 720

Mountain: 1512

Lake: 1196

Ocean: 1200*

Robins: 616

Fox: 688

Owls: 640

Moles: 468

Woodpeckers: 114

Badgers: 116

WM TOTAL: 8510!!!


*(1 squat equivalent to every 10 seconds of aqua)