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Woodlands Meed and “Chat Lab”

Woodlands Meed students have started to help with some educational research projects being run by the University of Sussex “Chat Lab”. The Children and Technology Lab, headed by Nicola Yuill, is part of the Developmental and Clinical Psychology Group at the University.

 Some ChatLab experiments taking place

The first project was all about something called “echolalia”. Children with autism may copy speech and intonation very closely. This close copying of speech is called 'echolalia'. The study looks at echolalia and its relation to other behaviours in children with autism. Children who took part did some picture naming tasks and other activities with a student from the University. There was also a short questionnaire, about the child’s typical language use, that was filled in at home. We hope that the results of the study will help us to understand more about the possible causes of echolalia in autism.

We are looking forward to working on more projects with Chat Lab and will keep you up to date with news here.