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Careers, Employability & Enterprise


We want every student to have the opportunity to work towards their hopes and dreams.  We want them to feel inspired and curious about the world of work.  We recognise the importance of the careful preparation for the students to transition confidently from school to further learning and to the workplace.

To best prepare the students we provide careers curriculum programmes, where they are able to explore the world of work and consider decisions about their future, whatever their needs.

This experiential curriculum is critical in preparing for adult life.  Work experience programmes are offered for students who can access it or internal work experience for those who can’t. Enterprise activities offer opportunities to learn and develop the entrepreneurial characteristics of independence and creativity. We offer enterprise choices in land-based, retail, catering and hospitality. We believe that these enterprise learning activities offer essential and meaningful careers learning opportunities that best prepare our students for the world of work. 

‘Enterprise gives us the idea of how a business works.’ Kieran