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Forum Terms and Conditions

The aim of this group is to provide a welcoming, supportive environment where professionals from the SEND alliance and other parents can provide information and advice and we can help and support each other.

We welcome contributions and debate, but please follow the following guidance.

  • Please be respectful and polite to each other. Derogatory, inappropriate, insulting and libellous comments/posts may be removed without warning.

  • Please treat all opinions, even if you disagree, with respect.

  • Please do not use this group to “name and shame” schools, or to be negative towards training courses or other organisations.

  • No business advertising is permitted.

  • Please do not post ANY personal information without express permission. This is known as doxxing and may result in your removal from the group.

The above are a guideline and outline only. If you are unsure about a post you want to make, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the admin team.

The admin team reserves the right to remove posts/comments at any time, but you may not always be contacted about a removal.