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Key Stage 4

Within Key Stage 4 most students study the core subjects of Maths, English and Science at a level that reinforces understanding and provides clear opportunities to progress, with an emphasis on functional skills. Qualifications offered range from Personal Progress units, through Entry Level to GCSE, at both Foundation and Higher level.

Our Personal and Social Development curriculum serves to equip students with personal and interpersonal skills, giving them opportunities to set their own goals, communicate needs, take responsibility for their actions, achieve their maximum independence and work co-operatively  with others through a range of individual and group activities in school and the wider community. There is a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyle with students learning to prepare healthy meals, live safely in the community, at home and on line and also to take part in regular activities that involve physical exercise.

Information and Communication Technology and Computing are taught discretely. These skills are also incorporated into many other subject areas. There are opportunities to study for a range of qualifications up to GCSE level.

Many students make a personal choice between Art, Horticulture and Design and Technology in Key Stage 4. Music and Drama opportunites are offered through after school and lunchtime clubs, annual productions and timetabled lessons for some students.

Links with a number of local colleges provide students with a wide experience of Further Education and the chance to pursue particular vocational interests.

More details of our different programmes can be found in the document below, Routes Through KS4.