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Adam Rowland 


"I have had the privilege of being the Headteacher at Woodlands Meed since September 2015. 

Our staff team are dedicated and professional and take great pride in the student’s outcomes. By working together, we are able to find practical solutions to ensure that we maximise the opportunities for the students to achieve the best outcomes.

Everyone at Woodlands Meed works closely with students and their families, to ensure that each and every individual is fully supported in reaching their goals. Our work is, of course, a team effort so that students enjoy the optimum in personal and academic progress."

Chris Carter

School Assistant Head (SEND) 

"My role is to ensure our SEN provision is as good as possible and to support pupil wellbeing at the school site.

I am the main contact for new admissions to Woodlands Meed from age 2 to 14, and work to ensure we meet the needs of both new and existing pupils.

I work with WSCC on Annual Reviews and EHCPs, and I am Designated Safeguarding Lead, so work with families and social care to support all our pupils to help them thrive in school and at home.

Part of my role concerns pastoral care of our pupils and the work we do in school around wellbeing, mental health and student welfare.  I am also responsible for a lot of our therapeutic provision and our staff training."

Vikki MacRae

School Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)

"I am very lucky to be overseeing the Teaching and Learning that begins with our youngest pupils in Early Years and extends to the end of key stage 3 at year 9. This covers four different key stages so my brief is wide, varied and never dull!

We are reviewing our curriculum this year and aim to have three different curriculums which the pupils will follow according to their learning needs. The 3 curriculums are:

The Engagement curriculum - in this phase children “learn to learn”,  it is all about gaining focus, attention and concentration which builds the key skills needed for lifelong learning.

The Learning curriculum - in this phase our pupils encounter more subject specific learning and are able to access pre key stage and National Curriculum coverage.

Life curriculum - in this phase we  are thinking ahead to the skills and knowledge that our learners will require for their future lives. All three curriculums are interchangeable and based of the needs of the pupils at any given time.

We  strive for exciting and interactive learning for all our pupils and this is what makes Woodlands Meed the vibrant place it is."

Gillian Barton

College Assistant Head (SEND)

"My role as Assistant Head SEND at the college starts with new admissions and transitions from our school site – it involves keeping every child happy and healthy when they are here and then preparing them for their first steps into adulthood.

As soon as a child starts at College in Year 10 we are looking at where they are going when they leave us and a big part of my work is helping our young people and their parents prepare for this important transition phase in their lives. To facilitate this I am in frequent contact with WSCC about Annual Reviews, EHCPs and provision after Woodlands Meed.

I co-ordinate a range of therapists and intervention assistants to work with our children and work closely with our wonderful nursing and pastoral teams to ensure that every pupil’s well-being and medical needs are met. I share the responsibility of organising staff training for our talented team of teachers and teaching assistants with the Assistant Head at the school site.

I am the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children and a member of the Safeguarding Team

I am passionate about Communication being at the heart of our school ethos and about equipping our children with the skills to make their voice heard - whatever their chosen method of communication. I hold overall responsibility for making sure we are up to date in our approaches and staff have the relevant training to develop this most important of skills in our young people.

Woodlands Meed is an amazing place of learning and love and I am proud to work here with our awesome staff team."

Nola Bennett

College Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)

"In my role as Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning at the college site, I oversee the curriculum in both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. I am very proud to be part of the highly supportive college community with the focus firmly on the students’ individual growth towards successful and confident adulthoods.

I lead the teaching team to deliver a wide range of qualifications which aim to be supportive of varying abilities, skills and strengths. We work with each student and their families to find the appropriate qualification route.

In Key Stage 4 the students start the journey towards completing qualifications that will support their transition into further education or their broader working lives. The Key Stage 5 curriculum supports the students' own sense of confidence and empowers them to reach their individual aspirations and meet the challenges ahead.

I am also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, supporting Chris Carter to work with families and social care to support all our pupils to help them thrive in college and at home. We provide a curriculum which covers the wide range of safeguarding issues, so that the students gain knowledge of how to keep themselves and others safe.

Additionally, I am the appointed Careers Leader, overseeing the Careers programme. The Careers programme provides a relevant and engaging careers curriculum which meets the differing needs and requirements of our students."