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New Building Update

New Building Update 2- February 2019

Our learners have been busy sharing their ideas for the new college building.

New Building Update 2 - February 2019

WSCC have agreed the capital funds over the next three years for the new college building.  A dedicated Project Manager has been appointed and work has now started on the selection of the Architect to prepare the design of the new building ready for consultation and planning.

Pupils have already been contributing to the concept design brief for the Architect and parents will be consulted as soon as there is an initial design to review.

New Building Update 1 - February 2019

The Cabinet Member for Education signed off the Decision for the Woodlands Meed Design Fees releasing £500k to fund the design of the new building.


New Building Update 3 - January 2019

The decision to fund the new building in full has passed the next stage and will be recommended for formal approval at the next full Council meeting.

The funding will be phased over the next three years, so that the new building will be ready for occupation in September 2021.

The Timeline is on track and meetings are already taking place with council officers to start the preliminary work on plans for the new building.

New Building Update 2 - January 2019

The proposal  to fund the £500k design fees for the new building  will be on Capital Programme due to be considered at the January  meeting of the WSCC Performance and Finance Select Committee.

New Building Update - January 2019

The huts, currently used for education at the College, only have temporary planning permissions for this use, and one consent expires very shortly.  

It has been agreed that this temporary planning consent will be extended only until September 2021 on the basis that the new building will by then be constructed and in operation, and an application on this basis will be submitted in the next couple of days.

Although not a binding commitment to construct the building by this date, it is welcomed as a clear indication of the intention of the Council.

We are therefore, currently, still on track for the timeline issued in November 2018.

New Building Update - December 2018

A step closer to the new college building has been taken. 

The Council have confirmed that Asset Hub are minded to recommend funding for the design fees, ready for Capital Project Review in January.  The proposed decision to fund the fees has been published, as required, in the County Council’s Forward Plan of Key Decisions.

The decision to include the building in the WSCC capital programme is anticipated in February 2019.  It will then be possible to appoint design consultants and move towards an initial design.

We are therefore, currently, still on track for the time line issued in November.

Governors are continuing to meet with officers, so that as much as possible is in place, so that we can move to the design phase as soon as the green light is given in February.


New Building Update - November 2018

The Governors have been holding extensive meetings with WSCC officers and other relevant and interested parties over the last few weeks in order to progress the proposal for the new college building.

They have contributed to the Business Case to be submitted to the Asset Hub to support the case for funding the design fees.

A timetable has now been agreed for the various stages up to the opening of the school in September 2021 (see below).

The Governors will keep Staff, Parents and Carers updated via School Bulletins and on the School Website. Please contact the governors if you have any queries, by emailing

Woodlands Meed – Draft Timeline – Updated November 2018


December Asset Hub consideration of Strategic Outline Business Case( SOC)


January - Capital and Asset Board consideration of SOC & Cabinet Member Decision on SOC Finance (design fees only)
February to August -  Appointment of design team/ Detailed feasibility design/ Design to planning stage/ Submit planning application/ Construction design
September -  Planning decision
October - Full Business Case (FBC) submission to Hub
November - FBC to CAPITAL & Asset Board (CAB)
December - Cabinet Member decision on full budget


Spring Term Place contract & Start on site


Jul / Aug Completion & FF&E and ICT fit-out
Sep Proposed Opening