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Policies are continually being developed and revised for our school and college. We publish our statutory policies and those of particular interest to parents and carers on this page but there are many others which you could request as needed from the office. 

Our values and ethos are fostered through our policies and procedures and through all we do. Many of our policies have the vision statement and equalities statement as a start point, to ensure this consistent approach. Our Vision Statement is on the front page of this website.

Woodlands Meed: Building Unique Futures Together   

Equalities Statement:    Woodlands Meed pledges itself to be a place where pupils and adults of all races, religions, gender, abilities, sexuality and social circumstances will find security and respect for themselves, their families, other people and their traditions. It is our policy to ensure that each member of the school community respects others and is respected, can take part in the full life of Woodlands Meed, achieves his/her potential, and has the opportunity to exercise choice.

  1. Acceptable Use Policy staff (and volunteer)
  2. Accessibilty Plan
  3. Anti Bullying Policy
  4. Behaviour for Learning Policy
  5. Careers policy
  6. Charging&RemissionsPolicy
  7. Child Protection Policy 2018 - 2019
  8. Complaints Procedure
  9. Curriculum Statement
  10. Data Protection Policy May 2018.docx
  11. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
  12. E safety policy 2018
  13. Equalities Policy
  14. Equality Information and Objectives
  15. Freedom of Information Policy
  16. Governors Behaviour for Learning statement
  17. PMLD policy
  18. Managing Medicines Policy
  19. Publication Scheme May 2018
  20. SEND Policy & Report
  21. Sex and relationships education policy