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Sport Premium 19/20

Sport Premium Statement 2019/2020

The Sport Premium is an allocation of additional funding from the Department for Education, given to every school with primary age children to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided for the next two academic years.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

In 2019-20 Woodlands Meed will receive a grant of £16,790.

For 2019-2020, this money will be used as follows:



Who is benefitting? (pupils and staff)


Payment to join Mid Sussex Active; our local School Sports Partnership that provide a wide & varied service. 

  • This includes a tailored support package that will meet the needs of our diverse pupil cohort aged year 1-6.
  • Providing a programme of Professional Development for members of our staff that need support, as well as for local coaches that work within our area and our school.
  • Providing advice on how to set up inter and intra schools competition for primary aged pupils.


Increased subject knowledge for both the PE co-ordinator and staff within the primary department who attended. Clear focus for assessment without levels which is quantifiable this has led to improved quality of teaching and learning within PE lessons and extra-curricular sessions. Increased level of competition and participation through intra schools competition. In school recording system to track pupils activity levels throughout the school year.

All pupils across primary department


NQT training.

Primary teachers.


HLTA PE Specialist

Increasing the knowledge of staff. Staff are able to cascade learning with the wider school community upskilling of more staff therefore providing better and more varied learning opportunities for students.

Brighton Junior Golf

£50 per session


Participation in new enrichment clubs and staff development on how best to teach golf as an enrichment option with the view to buy equipment to run our own club.

Mondays: Fox/ Owls/ Moles/ Rabbits/Robins/ for enrichment


Tuesdays: PMLD, Primary


Staff are increasing their knowledge of how to deliver such activities, with a view to leading Enrichment, Break time Clubs and including in PE planning.

Albion in the community football tournaments (Autumn)


Pupils were able to access competition play through a structured, external agency. This increased skill level, communication and confidence and pupil well-being.




Providing our students with more experiences, has encouraged them to continue with participating in these sports at school at no extra cost. With skills developed Woodlands Meed will host inclusive events in these activity areas.

Boccia/Curling Tournament (Autumn and Spring)

£25 per tournament

(£50 in total)

Pupils were able to access competition play through a structured, external agency. This increased skill level, communication and confidence and pupil well-being – especially as they won a silver and gold medal!



PE co-ordinator released from teaching duties in order to observe lessons and offer ‘team teaching’ with other members of staff in order to raise standards of teaching and subject knowledge.


Increased staff knowledge and subject knowledge for all primary class teachers which has led to better planned and structured lessons with appropriate, differentiated lessons that are appropriate for the vast needs of the pupils.

CPD for primary.


All primary pupils (improved lessons)

Increased knowledge and confidence of staff.

Quality teaching of PE across all classes.

Shared knowledge leading to better planning provision.

External specialist sports adviser to help set up intra-schools competitions, sports leaders programmes, enrichment and early morning clubs


Appropriate activity for all learners in primary department.

All primary but especially non-active learners, physically impaired learners who struggle to access generic PE lessons.

Primary staff

Established links are built upon continually by ourselves at no extra cost e.g. Bhasvic and our sports’ leader scheme.

Service for Rebound trampoline to enable continued provision

Approx £270 plus VAT

Allows pupils to receive therapy.

Pupils with a need for rebound therapy

To meet legal requirements and ensure that therapy sessions can continue.

Staff Training (Expenses e.g. travel costs)

Variable throughout the year

Increased staff knowledge and subject knowledge which has led to better planned and structured lessons with appropriate, differentiated lessons that are appropriate for the vast needs of the pupils.


Increased knowledge of particular staff will then lead to the upskilling of further members of staff so that PE lessons and physical activities continue to be delivered at a high standard.


£50 per trampette

For each class so that students can engage with ‘Active 30’ initiative


Daily use in line with ‘Active 30’; ensuring that all students have the opportunity to partake in and sustain active lifestyles.

IMPACT - The impact of this spend can be demonstrated by…


Data type evidence



Competitions & Festivals

Attend parallel youth games and Albion in the community for key stage 2 and 3

Pupils have more experience in competitive sports. Enjoyment and fun for all pupils.

Increased participation in physical activity through enrichment and play times.

Increased mobility and physical fitness through accessing more than required physical time. Targeted pupils enjoying physical activity.

Inter and intra schools competitions as a result of training activities.

Increased participation, understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles and tactics.

Access and provision

Improved resources for non-ambulant pupils.

Activities appropriate for pupils in wheelchairs and physical disabilities.

Increased rebound therapy sessions.

Core stability, strength and co-ordination all improved as well as enjoyment and fun.

Improved resources for pupils with specific needs.

Pupils are now able to play adapted or parallel games with their peers. Increase in engagement for pupils with specific sensory needs.


3 courses run by external agencies for staff delivering and implementing the school curriculum.

Improved leadership of PE including implemented strategies for increased physical activity and quality of teaching. Help with implementing inter and intra schools competition formats.

Advice & Support

MSA: Advising on the introduction of inter and intra schools competitions. Link with Parastars for years 4-11, AITC.

Increased competition within school, linked opportunities for out of school participation.



National Curriculum Swimming Requirements


% of Year 6


Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres




Use a range of stroke effectively




Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations




As a school, we at Woodlands Meed have invested our Sports’ Premium funding in key areas to allow participation and access to timetabled and non-timetabled activities for all our students, irrespective of need and/or ability.  For example, we have recently purchased a new table tennis table for our students so that we are able to deliver activities such as table-cricket and table-tennis much more readily without the need for either an external coach or additional equipment.

These increased opportunities for our students are, and will continue to have, a positive effect on their health and well-being as well as positively impacting on their social, gross and fine motor skills.