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Year 7 Catch Up

Funding received:

Our 2017-18 allocation was £13,000

Our expected 2018-19 allocation is £11,500

How Woodlands Meed spends the allocation:

We employ a grade 6 TA to work with the 2 year 7 classes (1 day each) in consultation with the class teams specific catch up interventions have been implemented.

The following interventions are in progress:

Handwriting - Specific 1;1 programme to boost the handwriting capability of specific learners who are being help back in their writing due to difficulties with the mechanics of handwriting.  Progress is good and being transferred to their writing within the classroom. (10 learners)

Maths interventions - Pupils are baselined and targets are set using gap analysis.  All learners are making progress and this information is being shared with and activities followed up in their maths lessons within the classroom. (6 Learners)

Literacy Interventions - Pupils are baselined and targets are set using gap analysis. Learners are making good progress using a combination of small group or 1:1 teaching and the Reading eggs programme which they are able to access in class also. ( 2 Learners)

Social skills groups - These groups aim to enhance Social communication skills  focusing particularly on the skills needed to access classroom learning successfully  The focus is on attention, focus, independence and to engage appropriately with others.

There is also a “self-awareness/ Self-esteem” group specifically targeting those who have arrived from mainstream or have transferred from Primary and are with very different class groups due to new intake.   These learners often have a very high awareness of their “differences and limitations” and have self-esteem issues. The focus has been on self-awareness and boosting confidence. (7 learners)

IPads - iPad minis have been purchased for all year 7 pupils. Appropriate apps and logins to support interventions work are being purchased.


All pupils have been baselined and are assessed as they work through the Intervention programmes The most outstanding progress to be seen is in the “Self awareness/Self esteem” group where pupils attitudes to school and learning has been transformed and the impact in class is shown in their keen participation in and good progress in curriculum areas this year.



Number of learners

Percentage of targets met

Jump ahead  fine motor skills



Pre narrative skills



Social communication skills



Early Speech and language skills



Early reading skills