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Key Stages

Woodlands Meed School site has approximately 160 pupils aged from 2 through to 14. There are nine primary classes named after woodland animals and birds (Squirrel, Badger, Otter, Woodpecker, Mole, Rabbit, Owl, Fox) and seven keystage 3 classes named after geographical features (River, Glacier, Desert, Ocean, Waterfall, Mountain, Lake).

Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties are also based on the School site which has good facilities for their education and care, including a warm water pool and trampoline for rebound therapy. Our PMLD Classes are named Hedgehog and Robin.

Woodlands Meed College site has approximately 100 students, in 10 class groups. Students in KS4 (14-16 years old) and KS5 (16-19 years old) attend the College, where we aim to prepare them for moving on to adult life, whether this be to the workplace, to further education or to supportive adult provision. Class groups are named after their key stage and teacher's initials. (e.g. 4CM and 5AS).

Students at the College study a wide range of subjects either at the College or with partner schools and Colleges such as Oathall Community College Farm, Central Sussex College and Plumpton College. The curriculum is personalised to the needs of the pupils as far as possible. Some classes concentrate on developing independence in daily living activities, whilst others follow certificated courses leading to GCSEs, Entry Level Certificates or NVQs.

Our curriculum includes the current National Curriculum, and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. In our PMLD classes we use a curriculum developed by the Welsh Assembly called Routes for Learning. We will continue to adapt and refine our curriculum offer as the national guidance and best practice develop.

The curriculum for each child and class is adapted to their needs and developmental stage as far as possible. Wherever we can, a pupil’s programme is personalised to include the additional learning and skills practice that they need.

Our curriculum is informed by the Governors’ Curriculum Statement in our Policies section.

Some key points are:

  • Interconnected knowledge and skills for lifelong learning
  • Communication, Social, Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills to support learning
  • Full and appropriate delivery of the National Curriculum including English, mathematics, ICT
  • Early Years and Further Education pathways relevant to our learners
  • Working with experts and therapists to support individual needs
  • PERSONALISED and Individualised curriculum pathways where needed

If you would like further information about the curriculum offer at Woodlands Meed please contact either Vikki MacRae (school site) or Nola Bennett (college site).