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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

The theme for this week is Kindness and we want to think about how we feel and how it makes others feel when we are kind and do something for ourselves, someone else or someone does something for us.

The week looks at the benefits of being kind to ourselves, our family or friends and to someone in our local community including people such as nurses/ police officers/ fire fighters or a neighbour.

The pastoral team have created an activity for each day of the week with an outline of what to do.

This week we really want to see some Amazing photos of you all please share with us. Photos of you and your families enjoying your time at home, doing activities that make you feel good and happy.

Perhaps you are enjoying the sunshine in your garden, or playing with your brothers or sisters or pets. Or just chilling out enjoying relaxing at home, listening to music and having fun.

Otters, Ocean, Woodpeckers, Hedgehogs, 5AM , Willow and Elm - please send your teachers photos and videos we would love to see.