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Monday: Being thankful

Task: On Monday during the day - we would like you to find a container, say an empty margarine tub, a jar or box which you can decorate however you would like and write on it 'THE THANKFUL JAR'

Look at the ones Carly, Debbie, Helen and Sue have made.

At the end of everyday just before bed, we would like you to think about and write down or draw a picture (an adult can help you) of something from that day that you have to be thankful for; it could be

Sunshine, a yummy taste, fun you had playing a game, the smell of a flower, a walk in the woods

It doesn’t have to be big just something small that made you smile and you are thankful for.

We would like all your family to play along too, so that each person remembers 1 thing they can be thankful for. Then put all the piece of paper into you’re the thankful jar and keep them all safe until the end of the week.