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Thursday: being thankful to our communities

Over the last few weeks, we have come together to show our thanks and appreciation to the NHS staff and keyworkers, by giving a national applause on a Thursday evening. Have you been taking part in this?

We have seen other examples all over the world of people sharing their gratitude and showing kindness. Showing our thanks to our community doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost money.

The added benefit of helping others, is that it is good for our mental health too. Have you ever heard of the saying “it is better to give than receive.”?

Task: On Thursday we would like you to show your thanks by drawing a picture or a cartoon, writing a story or a poem about a keyworker of your choice. Write or draw, why you feel thankful to the keyworker you have chosen.

There are lots of keyworkers to choose from that have been serving and supporting our communities. A few examples are; NHS staff, charity workers, Police and Fire Service staff, school staff, people who work in food production and supermarkets and all the delivery drivers. These are just a few, you could maybe think of more?

Remember: Sharing your thanks to another, can make their day and it will make you feel good too.