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Wednesday: One act of kindness to friends and family

Task: On Wednesday think about being Kind to someone at home or to a friend. We know at times whilst we are staying safe at home, it can be really hard. We have to try a little bit more to be patient and kind as we are all spending more time together. Let’s think today about one Act of Kindness, this can make someone feel so happy and make you feel good as well.

You could think about the following acts of Kindness, it would be great if you could try one at home or think of your own.

Help doing a job at home maybe offering to wash or dry up, make a cup of tea for someone, colour a picture for someone in your family, write a letter and post it to a friend, you could call a friend or relative to say hello. Play a game with your brother or sister, share your toys together.

You could say something really kind to someone in your house:

“Mum you look lovely in that dress today”.

A BIG HUG is a lovely Kind action you could do to someone in your family.

I picked some flowers from my garden yesterday and left them on my elderly neighbours door step.

Have fun being Kind on Wednesday to your family and friends.

Over the course of the week we have looked at how to be kind to ourselves and to our family and friends. We have noticed things that we are thankful for and hopefully you will have added to your thankful jar.