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Well-being Team

The Woodlands Meed Well-being Team works closely with pupils, families and staff teams to support healthy emotional development of our pupils and help them reach their potential.

Work with class teams:

Our Well-being Leads advise and support class teams about the emotional needs of our pupils, which include their social, behavioural, personal development and positive mental health.

Work with pupils:

Our Well-being Leads work directly with pupils; as a whole class in specialist wellbeing, nurture and mental health sessions, or 1:1 with a small case load of pupils who are finding it difficult to manage in school or at home. The vast majority of well-being support happens at the classroom level via class teachers and key workers, however individual pupils are provided with direct well-being support from the team if class teachers identify they need additional input. Sessions vary depending on need, however for many pupils this can be an outlet for worries or anxieties in regular support sessions, or a chance to develop social skills or recognise and discuss emotions. Some sessions are more targeted, such as relationship-building and developing trust, sensory and emotional regulation, talking and drawing, relaxation, or positive mental health.

Work with families:

Our Well-being Leads also work closely with families, supporting issues such as behaviour, mental health, attendance and safety; particularly where families are seeking advice with a specific issue or concern. Well-being Leads often work alongside other professionals who work with families, and they may attend professional meetings to support parents and carers. In some instances Well-being Leads work with Early Help or Social Workers to help pupils and their families at particularly difficult times.