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Resource Library & IRIS

We have a resource library available to member schools, where you can borrow resources to take back to your school.

Resource Library

  • Assessment tools such as Ravens, Boxall Profile
  • Emotional Literacy books and games
  • Makaton and signing resources
  • Mentoring and Counselling books and resources
  • Sensory equipment
  • Speech and Language resources
  • Transition game

IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect is a video-enabled professional learning platform. It gives members the opportunity to record individual learners or small groups over a two week loan period using one of our two Discovery Kits, or at anytime through the app on a member schools iPad. All videos are securely transferred to the members personal, password protected account on IRIS’s cloud-based platform. From there, members can share their video evidence with the Meeds SEND Alliance who will then use the comments thread to reply with a feedback report giving advice and outcomes. In addition to this, videos may be shared with other professionals from Woodlands Meed to gain a broader range of feedback utilising individuals expertise.

Why would you use IRIS?

  • To capture a range of evidence that can’t be seen in one visit
  • To avoid a visit where the pupil shows no trait’s of reported behaviour/additional needs
  • To gather recordings from a number of different learners over a 2 week period

IRIS Connect - The Hundred of Hoo Academy

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