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‘Mega’ excitement as students meet David Walliams online AND hit airwaves with Zoe Ball on BBC Radio all in one week!New News Story

Whilst listening to the radio on her way to work at Woodlands Meed College, teacher Yasmine Joy heard that Zoe Ball was asking for people to text or write in questions for Author David Walliams.

Since Yasmine’s class were currently reading the David Walliams classic,"Bad Dad", as part of their police academy project she decided to challenge her class to come up with some questions to send to Zoe.

No one could believe it when Zoe’s team contacted Yasmine’s class as "superfans" and asked them to do a surprise zoom with David Walliams. As an extra surprise all the class also received a signed copy of David’s new book "Mega Monster".

Five students were selected to ask questions and they greeted Zoe and David wearing face masks of Zoe and David. The students were told that they would speak to Zoe, but they didn’t know they would get to speak to David too.  Teacher, Yasmine Joy commented ‘It was an incredible experience for all involved and the students really loved getting to ask questions directly to David about his books, I’m so glad we emailed Zoe’

The students had lots to say about the experience too, "I love David Walliams, this is amazing",  "Zoe Ball is so lovely, I hope we get to meet her one day" and "Are we really going to meet them?" were just a few of the comments.

Highlights of the students online meeting were broadcast on Thursday’s radio show as part of Zoe’s revived Live and Kicking feature called Cloud 9 as part of BBC Radio 2’s Summer of ’96 Season.