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Haywards Heath Golf Club raise £35,532.56 for Woodlands Meed in 2021

An incredible year of fundraising in 2021 resulted in the most amazing start to the New Year for Woodlands Meed. 

Haywards Heath Golf Club Men’s Captain, Niall Addison, presented a cheque for £35,531.56 to Chair of Woodlands Meed Governors, Marion Wilcock, at the New Year’s Captain’s Drive in on New Year’s Day at Haywards Heath Golf Club. 

The Golf Club raises money each year for the Captain’s chosen charity and 2021 was a record breaking year, due to an incredible amount of hard work and the kindness and generosity of the Club’s membership.

Woodlands Meed are extremely grateful for this incredible donation that will enable a Rebound Therapy trampoline and therapy space to be installed at the School Site.