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Three Superb School Site Sports Days Celebrate Students’ achievements in front of friends and families

On Monday 26th June, our secondary students participated in the annual KS3 sports’ day.  Students competed in events such as high jump, sprint, target throw, archery and of course, the dressing up race!  Everyone did so well; trying to achieve personal bests as they threw further, jumped higher and ran faster! 

The parents and families even got involved and showed their competitive spirit!!

We were so proud of all our students, but there were some special awards for those who achieved the most points, or gave their all and displayed fantastic team spirit.  Here are our winners:

Ocean: Heidi, Mia

River: Tianna, Alfie R, Thomas, Nicola

Glacier: Grace, Amir, Alfie So, Josh

Desert: Alfie S, Ellie, Oli, Izzy

Waterfall: Amayah, Kaden, Rosie, Indi

Mountain: Taylor, Harri,    Leon, Keira

Lake: Iris, Stanley, Ryan, Sayf

A big thank you to the amazing sports’ leaders from BH Academy for running the station; you were brilliant with our young people!

On Tuesday the 27th June, our students with more complex needs participated in their festival themed sports’ day.  Do not be fooled though, our students (and staff!) were just as competitive as our key stage three students yesterday!  Events included bubble wrap races, water squirter targets, Jolf, giant skittles and the firm favourite wheelchair football match and penalties!

Our families were also treated to refreshments which we shared together before we were all given medals to show how well we had done!

Thank you to our year 9 sports’ leaders for helping on the day! 

We all had a great morning exploring all the different activities!

On Wednesday the 28th June, our primary students competed in our third and final sports’ day.  Students threw javelins, jumped over high jumps, ran in races, and also got dressed up (yes I am referring to the race, although our students did look great in their sporting attire!) as they completed a carousel of activities in their classes. 

All students were awarded a medal as everyone participated with great enthusiasm, tried their best and were very supportive of one another!

Special mention to Anna Hull and The FOWM for the fantastic refreshments that were on offer during all three mornings. They were all greatly received!

 Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who helped make our three sports’ days the successes they were!

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