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Woodlands Meed achieved an Artsmark Gold Award!

Woodlands Meed has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. Huge Congratulations go to the Performing Arts team and all our staff and pupils for this fantastic achievement!

Woodlands Meed received this feedback from the Assessors -

'Woodlands Meed have used this Artsmark journey to develop an ethos of everyday arts across your two sites. You added an Artsmark tag to Seesaw your online learning journal to track arts activity across all subjects to ensure arts activity was an everyday part of school experience. You have rewritten your performing arts plans with a detailed 4 to 19 strategy in place and created a new learning skills strategy with creativity as a core skill. You ran an arts festival and a performance at a local theatre that involved every member of staff and all students. You have ensured that your arts curriculum has good representation of gender and artists who are disabled and you employed learning disabled arts leaders for your arts festival. You have drawn attention to the creative and cultural industries as career choices through assemblies that focus on arts careers. Children and young people enjoy a broad arts and cultural offer. Students have worked with another college on arts activities. You work with a wide range of arts organisations including Royal Opera House, Orpheus Centre, M&M Theatre and Second Hand Dance. You worked through your School Council to gain feedback on students creative interests and you offer Arts Award. You have Student Arts Leaders who have delivered workshops in a local primary school. Are there ways you can further develop the voice of all your pupils so they actively contribute to the planning and delivery of authentic arts, cultural and creative experiences and take ownership of their engagement and personal progression within the arts? You have set up a SEN arts group between three SEN Schools and are sharing best practice and CPD. You offer CPD to your staff provided by artists and arts organisations including the Royal Opera House and local dance professionals. It would be good to hear more about how this CPD and your other work is working towards a shared understanding of what quality in the arts and cultural curriculum means, and how the arts inform your whole school pedagogy. You have plans to run a national SEN conference and we look forward to hearing about the impact of this on other settings and how it supports them to develop their own vision for arts and culture.'