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College Rebuild

Update on College Building – 6th June 2024

Although progress on completing the outstanding work at the College has been disappointingly slow, a number of significant issues have now been resolved and work on others agreed.


ISG called for an Inspection to ascertain if a Certificate should be issued confirming the building has reached Sectional Completion.  This certificate confirms that the building is fit and ready for occupation except for minor defects which do not materially affect the use of the building or structure.  The Governors are entitled to make Representations if they do not consider the Certificate to this effect should be issued.


Following an inspection with BLB the Surveyors for the school, we reached the conclusion that there were still outstanding items which would prevent immediate occupation by students and duly gave notice of representation.   These items include safety railings; safety gates; replacement Evac chairs; issues with external plant; sensory alterations to the Common Room to ensure it is acceptable to special needs students; repairs to roof capping which will require intrusive building works; resolution of unacceptable solar glare to top corridor; no hand over of required certificates of compliance and other formal completion documents.   As of last Friday, there were still over 300 snagging items, which is a large number of items for any project.


We are very concerned that the required work, which has been agreed for certain essential items, will not be carried out. To give the school confidence and certainty, we would accept an undertaking from WSCC that if ISG do not carry out this critical work, WSCC will do so.


Most importantly, the latest version of the Programme for Section Two is still the subject of review and discussion.  Following the unfortunate situation last July, we cannot risk packing up again until we know exactly what is being carried out when. 


Positively, it may have taken a long time and been hard won, but significant improvements in areas of the specification and quality of workmanship have been achieved and will be of inestimable value to our students in future years.  In this respect we would especially like to thank the surveyors from BLB who have taken a really careful professional approach when reviewing the work for the school.


We are aware WSCC are urging resolution of some outstanding issues, and we know work is programmed in the next couple of weeks for things such as the safety railing, so we are very much keeping our fingers crossed that things will be at a stage where we can give notice of decant to parents by 21 June, confident that at that stage any outstanding minor items will be completed during the summer holidays, ready for pupils to start in the new building in the Autumn Term.


As time is now so critical, we will keep you advised as to progress.




Marion Wilcock

Chair of Governors

Woodland Meed.



Update on new college building - 26th April 2024

Another disappointing update.  There had been hopes that it might be possible to decant and move into the new building in May half term.

Unfortunately, it has not proved possible to complete all the outstanding work required to ensure that the building is fit for occupation by our students, and we are therefore now looking to a summer holiday move.

We are currently working to agree an acceptable programme to complete Phase 2 of the works as the original date for completion of these works under the contract has already expired.  These comprise demolition of the existing timber building and huts, construction of new access and car park, and the essential All Weather Pitch.

The frustration of everyone involved cannot be underestimated.  However the delay should ensure that all work and installation of all equipment is completed prior to occupation.


Marion Wilcock

Chair of Governors