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Total Communication        

‘The ability to communicate is fundamental to human experience, to learning and to participation and achievement in all areas of life’

National Council for Special Education

At Woodlands Meed communication is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that the development of functional communication skills for our pupils is the most important thing that they will learn in their time with us, and that this skill underpins all of the other skills that our young people need to learn. Many behaviours come from frustration due to an inability to recognise, identify and express feelings, needs and wants; once a child has a successful method of communication, behaviours lessen, emotional wellbeing increases and learning happens!

Woodlands Meed embraces a Total Communication environment that involves using and accepting all types of communication equally. This means:

• Identifying and supporting a child’s means or mode of communication.

• Motivating a child by providing a reason for him/her to communicate.

• Practising and creating many opportunities for your child to communicate.

We are currently making a huge investment in training to equip our staff with the skills to support the wide range of communication needs of our young people.

It is my passion and privilege to lead this approach for Woodlands Meed.

Gillian Barton Deputy Head SEND