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Employer Engagement

The MJC has created a process which aims to get students in to employment. This process enables businesses to get to know our students and recognise their abilities, develop their confidence in their ability to employ and work with SEND individuals and recognise and access the tailor support given by the MJC. In addition students are able to, over time, get to understand the company and what is expected of them in the world of work, gain confidence in their ability to access the work environment and, if employment becomes an option, make an informed decision whether the role/company is what they want.

Work Place Visit – Businesses provide a small group of students with a visit to their work place.  Following a work place visit feedback is sought from both the employer and the students which is used to inform future activities.

Work Experience – Businesses offer individuals or small group the opportunity to take part in work experience. This is ideally carried out over 6 weeks with student(s) attending one day a week during usual college hours. Candidates for this opportunity are chosen from those who showed considerable interest in the work place visit and whose interests align with the company. Work experience can be carrying out one role for the duration of the 6 weeks or can be rotational experiences around different departments. During work experience there are regular review points. These reviews take place after the first session, at the mid-point of the work experience and at the end. Feedback is sought from both the employer and the student to ensure that experience is working and remains relevant for both parties. Ad hoc reviews can take place if required at any point.

Work Placement – Businesses provide a student with the opportunity to carry out an extended period of work experience. In this instance the student will effectively be carrying out a business role as an employee would.  Reviews of the work placement will typically be carried out after the first day on placement, at the mid-point and at the end. However reviews and feedback can also be tailored to each placement and adhoc discussions taking place as and when required.

Employment - Although the ultimate goal is to get paid employment for our young people the MJC recognises that the decision to employ is based on a number of different factors – including business need and it is never assumed that employment will be offered. The MJC offers access to ongoing support once a student is in paid employment for both the employer and employee.

We are keen to connect with both local and nationwide businesses who would like to support our Careers Programme .
If you can help with an employer engagement or for further information contact