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Employer Engagement

We are keen to connect with both local and nationwide businesses who would like to support our Careers Programme by offering our students a range of opportunities. Encounters with employers, employees and work experience is a vital part of careers education and an invaluable experience for our students. Please see below on how your business can help tap into our student's potential:

Talks/Q&A Sessions 
Share your career story with our students and let them ask you questions about it.

Provide our students with CV writing advice, or how to prepare for a job interview, or provide a mock interview? Can you share what employability skills employers are looking for.

Work Experience Activities
Give students a task or project over a period of time and check in with them on how they doing along the way, and then provide feedback on their finished project.

Workplace visits 
Give our students the chance to see a working environment or send us a video tour of your work place and work force in action followed by a Q&A.

Support our Enterprise groups by selling some of their products in your business? This is an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders, staff, students, families, local organisations and members of the community to get involved in the Woodland Meed Careers programme.

Your input is incredibly valuable in giving young people a chance to gain a detailed insight in to the world of work and your organisation could gain an increased profile within the community, and a possible route to sourcing the next generation of employees. If you can help with an employer engagement or for further information, contact