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Lifelong Services

Lifelong Services teams work with all adults who have a lifelong disability and eligible social care needs, acquired before the age of 25 years. This can include physical, sensory, learning disabilities and autism.

The Lifelong Services Transition Team work with young people until they are settled in adult life or until they turn 26 years old, whichever is the sooner.

If the young person is known to Children’s Services, the allocated worker should make a referral to the Lifelong Services Transition Team as early as possible. 17 years is usually a good time for this, as this is when 'Preparing for Adulthood' conversations should be taking place.

A referral form is available for young people who are not known to Children’s Services. The form can be completed by the young person, or by their parents, carers, school, college etc. on their behalf: