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Online Safety

We encourage all our students to use the internet safely, and aim to protect them from harmful material online. We hope to support families and our wider school community in educating our young people about online safety, including safe, appropriate use of e-mail and mobile phones, protecting passwords, logins and identity, and staying safe when using websites and interacting online.

Below are links to some information to help you support your child in using the internet safely, and some information and resources that might be useful for them to look at as well. 

Information for adults

Information for students

A child friendly film about staying safe online.


E-safety News & Information

How children feel when journalists exploit their social media profiles
This is not strictly a schools or education story, but Faith Gordon from Queen’s University Belfast has written a...

Story from: The Conversation 11 Jan 2016

Child rights are universal, online and off
One in three of the next billion users of the internet will be under the age of 18, so now’s the time to make...

Story from: The Guardian 11 Jan 2016

Why are British kids so unhappy? Two words: screen time
The telltale blue glow from under the children’s bedroom door is one of parents’ biggest worries. But it’s not easy...

Story from: The Guardian 11 Jan 2016

New Government Measures For Online Safety…Same Old Story?
Department of Education announces new measures to protect children from cyber bullying, access to pornography and...

Story from E-safety Support - 07 Jan 2016

The Pupil Voice
Recording incidents of extremism and radicalisation

Story from E-safety Support - 17 Dec 2015

Extremism Policy for Schools
All schools have a duty under the Counter Terrorism And Security Act to keep children safe from harm, especially from...

Story from E-safety Support - 10 Dec 2015

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