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Personal Careers Guidance

Students in years 11 and 13 will have access to impartial 1:1 personal careers advice and guidance undertaken by an independent careers company. 

Students are invited to their interview by letter, a copy of the letter and information leaflet is also sent to parents/carers. Where possible the interviews take place before a students’ Annual Review where they discuss the student's strengths, the type of job they would like to have and how to work towards achieving their goals.  

To prepare the students for their interview they will spend some time 1:1 with a member of the MJC who will talk to them about what to expect at the interview and they will also have the opportunity to update their Vocational Profile.

Following the interview a written report along with a list of actions to enable the student to get closer to their goals will be produced. These actions are tracked by the MJC and the class teacher. This process is called Aspiration and Action Tracking and more information can be found here.