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Post 16 Transition

Post 16 progression will be discussed at the Year 11 Annual Review.

It will be expected that parents have explored post 16 options at local FE colleges which may be better suited to meet the academic or vocational needs of their child.

Parents will be asked to complete an application form for a Key Stage 5 place.

Decisions will be made and communicated to parents by the end of the Spring Term.

Attendance up to Year 11 does not guarantee a placement into Key stage 5 – eligibility criteria will be assessed along the following guidelines

  1. Can we offer a meaningful peer group, of pupils of a similar age, and with similar developmental, verbal, social and academic levels?
  2. Can we physically accommodate the child in the school, with an available space in an appropriate class?
  3. Does the college deem progression to Key Stage 5 as the optimum progression route or would another post 16 option be more suitable.

Progression to Years 13 and 14 will be discussed at subsequent Annual Review Meetings.