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Practice Skills

Skills for life and learning (SkiLLs) are the 8 skills that underpin everything we do at Woodlands Meed.

Throughout our curriculum we support pupils to develop and demonstrate these essential skills which are pivotal to learning now and succeeding in the future.

We worked with employers, careers advisors and educators to identify the key skills that we need to reach our potential, and these have become the behaviours that we promote and celebrate every day, in lessons, in social times, and in the wider world.

The Skills for Life and Learning are important in every part of the school and college day. Pupils work on these in and out of lessons, to help them access educational activities, build resilience, develop independence, work with staff and other pupils and become more effective learners, and ultimately, more independent young adults.

These SkiLLs come to prominence when our older students leave us, as these are also the skills that providers, employers and careers supporters look for as our pupils take their next steps in the world.