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Our pupils’ safety is our primary concern, and our pupils learn best when they feel happy and safe.

We work hard to ensure Woodlands Meed is a happy and safe place for all our learners, and have regular contact with families to support our pupils staying safe in school, at home and out in the wider world.

Sometimes, circumstances arise that might cause pupils, families or school staff to worry about a child’s safety. We recognise that it is important to always work together in these situations, and we aim to have an open and honest dialogue with all our families to resolve worries and issues.

If you ever have a worry about a child’s safety, we would always encourage you to talk to us. We have a helpful and supportive safeguarding team, made up on senior leaders, wellbeing leads and school nurses, and we are all experienced in helping pupils and their families through difficult times.

We will always talk openly to families about any worries we might have, and offer support in a friendly, non-judgmental way. Our biggest priority is, after all, the safety of our pupils and we will always put their safety first; and sometimes talking to families about problems or concerns is the first step in this process.

Sometimes, we liaise with other agencies, or signpost families to supportive partners such as the NHS, social care, or Early Help; these can be a great help in getting pupils and families  the support they need.

We want to work together with parents and carers to make sure our pupils are happy, safe and thriving, and we will always commit to putting our pupils’ first.