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Social Stories

The concept of a ‘Social Story’ was devised by Carol Gray in the early 1990s. It is a method of exchanging social knowledge between parents, carers and professionals, and people with ASC of any age.

A story can be address any difficulty or event that may occur in life as well as ones more specific to the individual, sometimes reflecting on their special interests. Topics can be wide ranging and they can be ‘challenging’ to the ‘audience’ so it is imperative that the story is supportive and safe and helps to maintain the self-esteem of the young person.

Examples of social stories include: change of class, hospital appointment, bereavement, dentist, kindness, friendship, periods, personal space, trying new foods, visiting a new place and many more

The philosophy which underpins the concept of the Social Story is that it is a response to the social impairment which occurs on both sides during an exchange with an autistic person where each party will often have a different perspective and assumptions about what is already ‘known’ are not made.

Social Stories are an important communication tool at Woodlands Meed.

Staff have access to a bank of previously written resources on commonly occurring life topics that can be used in class, in the community and shared with parents.