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Speech & Language

SALT intervention assistants works under the direction of the NHS Speech Therapy Team and offer both 1:1 and group work opportunities. Interventions may include targeted programmes, Attention Autism, Language Land, Early Communication Groups, School Start, Narrative therapy and ‘Social Use of Language Programmes’

SULP is an independently researched programme which has been used with children and young people with a range of special needs including autism, specific language difficulties, learning difficulties, sensory impairments and emotional difficulties aimed at increasing confidence and self-esteem through a range of activities.

Attention Autism aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. Primary benefits are: engaging attention,

improving joint attention, developing shared enjoyment in group activities,  increasing attention in adult-led activities, encouraging spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting, increasing non-verbal and verbal communication through commenting, building vocabulary and having fun!

Narrative therapy – works to improve the basic skills of narration that we use in everyday life – it uses structured activities to develop skills in understanding and using questions, such as who? when? where? and focuses on the ability to use sentences in the right order and appropriately to retell an event or story.