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Therapy Provision

At Woodland Meed we have onsite therapists supporting Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy needs, as well as dedicated Specialist School Nurses onsite.

Where a child has such therapeutic intervention prescribed in their EHCP, our therapists will assess, monitor and support their needs, either providing direct therapy where this is recommended, or providing programmes, support and materials for pupils to develop these areas in classes. 

It is commonplace for many of these therapies to be embedded in the day, delivered by class teams but with oversight from therapists. This allows a greater number of pupils to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic provision and also allows them to develop skills in situ, and generalise what they learn to their daily lives. Where prescribed or recommended, therapists will also work directly with pupils for blocks of sessions, to work on specific developmental targets.

We also have additional therapists working on site as part of the Therapy in Schools programme. These therapists take on specialist work with pupils to support specific goals, and lead a team of dedicated TIS champions in school who are trained to deliver additional pupil support for developing Physical, Sensory and Life Skills.

At present, new pupils joining us from out of county will not receive input from WSCC school therapists, as their own counties are now expected to provide this directly.