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Woodlands Meed operates slightly different opening times across the school and college site. This is to allow time for transport operators dropping pupils at both sites to move between sites. The opening and closing times have been set in collaboration with other local schools to reduce congestion in the area, as both sites are located in closes vicinity to other schools.

We offer a total opening hours of 32 hours and 5 minutes per week on both sites.

Breakfast clubs are available on both sites from 8am.

School site -

  • Pupils arrive 8.55am (registration 8.55am to 9.20am)
  • Pupils leave 3.40pm (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu)
  • Pupils leave 2.00pm (Fri)

College site -

  • Pupils arrive 8.45am (registration 8.45am to 9.10am)
  • Pupils leave 3.30pm (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu)
  • Pupils leave 1.50pm (Fri)