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Early Years

The Early Years Foundation Stage  (EYFS) is for pupils of nursery age and those in Reception (Yr R).

Pupils in classes in these year groups follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and work towards Early Learning Goals. There is an emphasis on preparing each child with the important skills they will need in future, and especially those skills that will help them to stay happy, healthy and ready for learning at school. 

Some of the areas Early Learning Goals which pupils work towards include:

Communication and Language,  which includes Listening and Attention, understanding and speaking

Physical Development, which includes Moving and handling, health and self care, 

Personal Social and Emotional Development: which includes self confidence and self awareness, managing feelings and behaviour and making relationships. 

Pupils in the Early Years are encouraged to learn and play outdoors whenever possible and all our Early Years classrooms have well equipped outdoor areas directly outside each room to make this possible.